Ladies Event



The October 15. 2011  'Ladies Day Away'  event was a BIG SUCCESS!!  The Pfeifers, with their wide variety of music styles and various intruments, led the audience into a day of not only entertainment but praise and worship as they sang, gave testamonies and ministered from the heart.  There was healing in many lives and a connection with each other!  At the end of the day there was no doubt that The Pfeifers were going to be invited back again in the future.


                                        NO OTHER EVENTS PLANNED AT THIS TIME !

TESTIMONIAL: Just a note to thank you all for the most fantastic "Ladies Day Away"! on October 15. 2011  It was my first time attending this event because the last two years it fell on a weekend where I had a prior commitment. So I was happy to attend this year especially when I saw that the Pfeifers would be there! The whole day was amazing -- the worship, the music (Wow!), the food!   You did an exceptional job! I have arranged many events and I know the work that goes on behind it all -- congratulations for a job well done!

     - Jayne Todd